Bridge · Concrete · Sky

Bury the hatchet

In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I rest in day.
I have always answered to Your calling with hurry,
I have always known ahead of time You will be bread.
In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I found the way.

The passing of the seasons does not matter anymore,
The black is white, the right is wrong – fugitive power
In the hands of men – the earth spins, and turns frantically.
We have raised a world of golden towers with no doors.

You Who send rain over deserts, and troubled waters,
You Who touch everything with the fingers of mercy,
Send forth Your armies of angels to bury the hatchet,
And bring springtime in our fortress, and in our lens.

Faith · Sacred · Wide


You are Magnificent, and all that is of You,
what else can be said now, to unveil Your face?
Magnificent You are, and all that’s inside You,
the stars make Your feathers, the lightning – Your trace.

Unshakably beautiful all You arise,
untold like the ocean – each thought in Your book.
Unshakably beautiful all that You timber
in crimson and power, each letter speaks Truth.

And You are Thrice-Holy, the Father of Sun,
embracing the waters with mild winter frost.
In You abides springtime –  Sweet Mother of mankind,
our hearts bear the icon of all that we lost.

You are Magnificent, and all that is of You,
what else can be chanted on petals of May?
Magnificent You are, there’s nothing above You,
for You are the Silence, the Mountain, the Way.

Love · Sacred


Love is not a four letter word,
Love is a four word letter:

Light Over Veiled Efforts.

Love is not a word by nature,
Love is perpetual action.

Listen Ocean Volcanoes Explode.

Love is not a word by itself,
Love is the end of hell.

Look Over Vast Emptiness.

Love is the feeling
of never being alone anymore.

Life Origin Vibrant Essence.

Bridge · Concrete · Love · Power


Unaware most of the time
that our words are acid rain
(forcing grass to grow under)
we look at each other
from the blind-spot.

Would it be hard to let go
of everything we assume,
and just breathe
like a whale gasping for air
after a long hunt?

Even magpies bury their dead,
but we are so paralyzed
by the feeling of being awesome
in the silence of our heart,
that we prefer darkness.

You, Who descended into hell,
You, Who are Eternal Life,
anchor our feet firmly to the ground,
and instill Your fire in our palms,
so that we may rise from ashes.

Light · Power · Sacred

Light You are

Light You are,
and there is no darkness in You.

Like a candle dying
under the harsh December wind,
we lift up our eyes in the same way
to the unspeakably blue sky.

Light You are,
and there is no darkness in You.

Like an ascending skylark
saluting the sunrise with heavenly voice,
we lift up our hearts in the same way
to the throne of Your glory.

Light You are,
and there is no darkness in You.

So then stretch out Your hand, and pour
the oil of peace into our candle,
because she is truly beautiful
only when besieged by the night.

Light You are,
and there is only life in You.

Romanian version