Blue · Power · Wings

Blue rocks

I step on blue rocks, which make my valleys,
and mountain tops.
They are unclothed, everything is deep blue.

A few white clouds make no shadows
upon the light pale sky,
it rains with blue powder, as we await for You.

What we love most is hidden in the Earth’s heart,
and we cannot reach it anymore,
unless we bleed to death.

For only red has the power to wash away
this blue powder choking us,
thus we will turn into violet starlings,
and change the turning of the wold.

White · Wings

Stork eggs

I looked for You
because no candle can burn
upside down.

I am more serious than death
most of the time,
although I hide behind a smile.

Preachers come and go
from this land,
but You are never silent.

I  take cover in cricket’s song,
in the valley of chestnuts
whenever night falls suddenly,

yet since You hatch eggs
in stork nests,
I don’t mind the bad weather.

Do not fret, heart of mine,
minsters shine in the distance.

Romanian version

Blue · Concrete · Faith · Life · Love · Rain · Road · Wings


Maybe it’s another beginning,
maybe there are only the stars
telling us
that our love
will last forever.

Do not be afraid that I am slipping
through your fingers,
pretend you don’t know anything
and love me with your eyes closed,
in the sunrise hour.

I am the only one speaking,
I feel I don’t have enough time,
although this wonderful autumn
has just begun to down its leaves
on the warm sidewalks.

My beauty,
you will find me again soon,
in every steel bird
flying above your head,
I remained on this earth.

Romanian version

Still · Wide · Wings


I take the words one by one,
like builders take the bricks,
to catch the things
in their natural motion.

I place the bricks one on top of another,
and, behold, in front of me rises the sky,
more blue than ever,
so close that I can almost touch it.

The stars fall like flowers
forced by the storm,
and you can only hear the clock of the sea
in this absolute silence.

Shadows contract
in midday sun,
and we have no idea what mysteries we carry
in our hearts, under a mask of happiness.

We don’t know how to lose,
we are afraid of victories,
but we continue to march
in golden chain mails.

I take the words one by one,
like builders take the bricks,
to build a new world,
where words are missing.

Romanian version

White · Wide · Wings

The certain way

Peace comes upon everything
in a certain way.

Under this burden
of our love
I often feel like falling.

Time does not heal anything,
it just absorbs the tears
to turn them into flowers.

I tried to bury You
under a mountain of dry leaves,
but this eternal autumn
only deepens my longing.

You look at me in a certain way,
when I’m lost on footpaths forgotten by sunshine.

Under this miraculous burden
of our love story
I often feel like falling.

Winter cannot silence You,
although there’s a cold wind in me,
and everything is frozen in wanting.

Oh, I’m still in love with You,
Amazing Beauty,
You, Who take everything in Your green hands,
You, Who cover everything with Your white wings.

You receive in a certain way
every time I come to You.

Under this unbearable burden
of our love
I often feel like falling.

I have left You a thousand times,
and I will return a thousand times to You,
because You are too sky, and I too stone.

Who could understand
our love, our love,
that makes the trees bloom
year after year?

Romanian version

Blue · Bridge · Wings


I must have had wings once
For I so strongly wish to fly,
I must have had blood once
Of precious burning gold.

Nothing can quench my longing
From everything surrounding me,
I cannot say and I can’t cry,
My path’s not straight, I have great land.

You gifted me with many seeds,
I sowed them now,
Before departing,
And burgeons of acacia rose.

The sweetest echo pushes me
To leave behind my heavy mantle,
To change it with a peacock feather,
And with a singing chicory.

Your message reaches me through signs,
Always mysterious, and I quiver,
Oh, how quickly flies this time
And Your Son, He is so gentle.

But if today’s evening falls
Once again into my home,
And nobody knows the hour
Of Your coming in deep night,

Please come sooner, oh, Begotten,
I’ve been waiting for so long.
Yes, I must have had wings once
For I’m going back to dust…

Romanian version