Bridge · Concrete · Sky

Bury the hatchet

In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I rest in day.
I have always answered to Your calling with hurry,
I have always known ahead of time You will be bread.
In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I found the way.

The passing of the seasons does not matter anymore,
The black is white, the right is wrong – fugitive power
In the hands of men – the earth spins, and turns frantically.
We have raised a world of golden towers with no doors.

You Who send rain over deserts, and troubled waters,
You Who touch everything with the fingers of mercy,
Send forth Your armies of angels to bury the hatchet,
And bring springtime in our fortress, and in our lens.

Bridge · Gale · Sky

Petty traders

We talk like petty traders
selling trinkets on the sidewalk.
There’s no light in our eyes,
not even a recall of the big dream.

We would abandon the ship
at the first sign of returning  winter,
should the frost kiss
the buds of our blooming fruit trees.

We don’t know that archangels
prevent most disasters,
except a couple of earthquakes
once in a lifetime,

which are meant to bring peace
closer to our heart –
that place we can’t find anymore,
unless our city falls into pieces

under the sky full of stars.

Romanian version

death · Faith · Sky

Wooden bell

The wooden bell is only a shadow,
a prophecy of spring.
It takes fire, and heartache
to make a bell sing.

Beyond the foundations of time
lays the plain of sweet seeds,
where Your thoughts come to life
in butterfly shape.

Alas, we wander the earth
looking for a sign from You,
while You arise in silence
solid stars on our path.

In the scent of linden flowers
You visit us most often,
though You make no efforts
to stop us from falling.

How often have we asked You
the same green question:
Why do cheerily robins choke
in the hawk’s tight embrace?

Romanian version

Faith · Sky

Before the stars

What was there
before You made the stars?
What sang
and filled the skies?

I am full of questions,
in the center of Your universe –
here I stand, and there is no room
left for density.

What was it between me and You
before I opened my eyes?
What seed will grow of me
on my depart?

I am full of thoughts
like a haunted house,
morning light only shows me
how far I am from the top.

What’s a sunken ship
in the hands of sand,
when the night will cover it
by a thousand stars?

Romanian version

death · Light · Sky

The most

You sit on the lake shore in silence,
the wind blows among the old plum trees.
What are you thinking about right now, my love,
when I am so close to you,
so close that you can hold me tight
to your chest, who has loved long ago?

I watch the ducks in silence,  while they slowly drift
on the mirror of the greenish water,
among the barely blooming pond lilies.
I no longer think about the past,
I just feel your breath,
and your heartbeat.

My love,
my love,
time will soon stand still,
in your voice the night is more blue.
I love you the most
when we look at the stars together.

Romanian version

Sky · Still


So if I am here,
then You must be there,
watching over me.

We are looking at each other
through stranger’s eyes,
while I wander
on roads of anger.

I know we’ll meet one day
face to face,
but what am I supposed to do
until then?

Shall I just move on like this,
lonely and silent,
watching the clouds
roll over the infinite sky?

I wish we could talk more often,
I wish I had something to say
other than I need You,
I need You 
every day.

I wish we met somewhere
in the middle,
before I leave it all behind,
and abide in Your answer.

Romanian version

Loss · Love · Power · Sky · Still

Everybody’s fine

Everybody’s fine – on the outer side.
Everybody’s happy and smiles.
Green grass covers our eyes,
the princess marries the prince
in the fairy tale land.

Everybody’s fine, grandma,
listen to our thoughts while we fight,
we have rice fields, and corn fields
in the backyard.
Storks have left the village.

I know it doesn’t sound convincing,
but believe me: everybody’s fine.
Church bells are ringing,
it’s the end of December,
we can rest at last.

In the corner of my heart
there are twenty thousand stars
twinkling on the little sky
for those who keep telling themselves:
Do not cry, everything’s all right.

Romanian version