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Brahma Kamal*

Like a flower which blooms in secret,
hiding her face from the world,
and wilts until the morning,
in absolute silence,
so is the heart of man.

Like a most delicate flower of the moon,
arising and dying unseen,
because any biting look crushes her –
breathing the perfume of high crests,
so is the heart of man.

For You are the moon watching
from behind auspicious clouds,
and all queens of the night
bloom only for You,
Father of sweetness, and of mysteries.

Romanian version

* This poem was inspired by the blog post A bloom of Joy – the mystical Brahma Kamal. Thank you for the wonders you share with us!

Light · Power · Sacred

Light You are

Light You are,
and there is no darkness in You.

Like a candle dying
under the harsh December wind,
we lift up our eyes in the same way
to the unspeakably blue sky.

Light You are,
and there is no darkness in You.

Like an ascending skylark
saluting the sunrise with heavenly voice,
we lift up our hearts in the same way
to the throne of Your glory.

Light You are,
and there is no darkness in You.

So then stretch out Your hand, and pour
the oil of peace into our candle,
because she is truly beautiful
only when besieged by the night.

Light You are,
and there is only life in You.

Romanian version

Faith · Life · Light

Sleepless ones*

The sleepless ones magnify Thee
no more,
they are wearing silence clothes.

Where there was once power
stones alone
remind us of the heavenly hymns.

Yet the walls sing of You
when the moon
softly bathes them in rays.

Not a single candle burns today,
only stars light
the Mass in the roofless cathedral.

The sleepless ones magnify Thee
in the land of unbroken promises.

sleepless ones * = monks from the Akoimati order. One of them was always in prayer, in the church of the Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner – Istanbul.

Romanian version

Blue · Bridge · Light · Loss · Sacred

Some wings

I need some wings, so I can find You,
for You are hiding in Your crests,
the coverage of clouds surrounds You,
the sweetest breeze of amber scent.

I need some solitude, to know You,
I need some solace, now and then,
there’s little time before the rainbow,
to bury new seeds in old plain.

Inside my seven towers fortress,
the archers watch the moonlit ways,
I roam the fields on every hour,
to catch Your merest orchid shade.

I gazed upon You in cold waters,
I sensed Your love in fingers’ trace,
my skin has shivered feeling vastness,
my ears have lost the sound of grace.

I need some wings so I can find You,
for You are near, in gentle days,
inside my head so many wonders,
inside my heart such fiery flames.

Romanian version

Kiss · Light · Love · Power

The last border

Show me the place
where the sweet doves rest,
please show me the place
where your heart dies.

I want to walk with you
along the shores of despair,
we will step on dry leaves,
holding hands, holding hands.

We breathe inside a spell;
you carry the light,
and I am always hungry
for the warmth of your palm.

We crossed the final border,
we are home at last –
I feel your every thought,
your lips – they taste like grass.

Romanian version