Concrete · Gale · Life


If we can float above waters,
why do we have to crawl?
If there’s nothing separating us,
why do we have to learn silence?

Why are we born numb,
why are we born deaf?
If You are Life giver,
why are we sunken in death?

If we can gather the universe
in our curious reason,
why do we have no idea
of where we are going, and

where we are coming from?

If we can float above waters,
why do we choose to crawl?
If there’s nothing separating us,
why do we choose to raise walls?

Bridge · Gale · Sky

Petty traders

We talk like petty traders
selling trinkets on the sidewalk.
There’s no light in our eyes,
not even a recall of the big dream.

We would abandon the ship
at the first sign of returning  winter,
should the frost kiss
the buds of our blooming fruit trees.

We don’t know that archangels
prevent most disasters,
except a couple of earthquakes
once in a lifetime,

which are meant to bring peace
closer to our heart –
that place we can’t find anymore,
unless our city falls into pieces

under the sky full of stars.

Romanian version

Gale · Loss · Love


Ceasefire, says the Master.
I will not let go
of my little dream,
speaks the hunter in the wind.

If you stop and follow me,
I will set you free,
breathes the Master quietly.
I will not let go of me,
roars the hunter in the sea.

Oh, how sweet this life can be,
all the trees are filled with Thee,
weeps the mother, tenderly.
Hunters hunt the vanishing,
mothers bear the bitter seed,
sings the robin in the spring.

Romanian version

Faith · Gale · Rain

One thousand

one thousand suns behind a cloud,
one thousand years in a sheet of paper,
one thousand wounds ache in a heart,
one thousand voices cry in the desert.

one hundred waters tumultuously flow,
one hundred sparrows in an insane flight,
one hundred swords with a shiny blade,
one hundred footpaths on the hills of white.

one moment, just to say I love you,
one hand to caress the burning forehead,
one sweet music in the voice, one look,
and all it is done, born out of beauty,

and all dies under the very thin ray…

Romanian version

Blue · Gale

Perhaps You believe

Perhaps You believe I have forgotten You
because I sank in the city
where the lights never sleep.

Perhaps You believe I have forgotten You
because silence attired me
with its purple mantle.

Perhaps You believe I have forgotten You
because I oscillate between weakness and mystery
as if I were in a mad race, not knowing of myself.

Yes, everything is against us,
everything draws us away from each other
more and more, until

we will stop remembering the day we met.
You will come to me then,
heavy with years, as I know You.

The time of separation is near,
the time of forgetting oneself,
where love will throw me.

Lord, of all the flowers in the field
You chose chicory to raise it up to You,
in the depth of the sky, where freedom reigns.

I often dream about You, although I pretend
I loved You long ago, not understanding
how I can live without You, in waiting’s arms.

Horses run wild amid cars,
waves incessantly hit the shore,
only the clock ticks slowly of oblivion.

Perhaps You believe I have forgotten You,
because I locked You in a blue box,
painted with acacias in bloom.

Romanian version

Faith · Gale · Still · Wide


A plea for two,
a plea for when the Word comes
to destroy houses, to shake oceans
of all their swallowed treasures,
to raise the thought up to the clouds,
to renew the earth.

A plea for both of us,
although we lacked ardor,
and we couldn’t to move the course of time
closer to the blue valley
of our childhood, of our adolescence
with freckles, and mute tears.

A plea for us
while we haven’t yet put on the thick coat
of winter knocking on our window,
so You would save a place for us on a branch
in the garden of springtime,
next to a wren.

Romanian version