Concrete · Gale · Life


If we can float above waters,
why do we have to crawl?
If there’s nothing separating us,
why do we have to learn silence?

Why are we born numb,
why are we born deaf?
If You are Life giver,
why are we sunken in death?

If we can gather the universe
in our curious reason,
why do we have no idea
of where we are going, and

where we are coming from?

If we can float above waters,
why do we choose to crawl?
If there’s nothing separating us,
why do we choose to raise walls?

Bridge · Concrete · Sky

Bury the hatchet

In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I rest in day.
I have always answered to Your calling with hurry,
I have always known ahead of time You will be bread.
In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I found the way.

The passing of the seasons does not matter anymore,
The black is white, the right is wrong – fugitive power
In the hands of men – the earth spins, and turns frantically.
We have raised a world of golden towers with no doors.

You Who send rain over deserts, and troubled waters,
You Who touch everything with the fingers of mercy,
Send forth Your armies of angels to bury the hatchet,
And bring springtime in our fortress, and in our lens.

Bridge · Concrete · Love · Power


Unaware most of the time
that our words are acid rain
(forcing grass to grow under)
we look at each other
from the blind-spot.

Would it be hard to let go
of everything we assume,
and just breathe
like a whale gasping for air
after a long hunt?

Even magpies bury their dead,
but we are so paralyzed
by the feeling of being awesome
in the silence of our heart,
that we prefer darkness.

You, Who descended into hell,
You, Who are Eternal Life,
anchor our feet firmly to the ground,
and instill Your fire in our palms,
so that we may rise from ashes.

Blue · Concrete · Faith · Life · Love · Rain · Road · Wings


Maybe it’s another beginning,
maybe there are only the stars
telling us
that our love
will last forever.

Do not be afraid that I am slipping
through your fingers,
pretend you don’t know anything
and love me with your eyes closed,
in the sunrise hour.

I am the only one speaking,
I feel I don’t have enough time,
although this wonderful autumn
has just begun to down its leaves
on the warm sidewalks.

My beauty,
you will find me again soon,
in every steel bird
flying above your head,
I remained on this earth.

Romanian version

Concrete · death · Faith


It is one of those days when everything is silent in us,
not because we have nothing to say to each other,
but you are too here, and I am too far away,
lost in the murmur of another sea.

My love grows wings and rises,
then falls among the spheres in piano song.
Stars spin on the sky looking for their focus,
the moon swings wearily between two poles.

If you asked me what I want I would answer simply:
A piece of land, with an oak tree as cross,
a bush of roses, and, why not, a hand of sparrows.
To watch the infinite flow in the wind…

Romanian version

Concrete · Road


We don’t know how to write in it.
We just take the pages one by one,
planning each step carefully,
not to miss anything by mistake.
Seasons come, seasons go,
and we run out of ink.

Suddenly we find ourselves
trapped in the middle of the page,
autumn is here, with its dry leaves.
It’s not that we’ve lost our way,
but words have simply
become meaningless.

We look up and the sun is shining
like it always did,
while the clouds gently roll
on the horizon.
Lord, could You spare a moment,
and come down here?

Romanian version