Bridge · Concrete · Sky

Bury the hatchet

In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I rest in day.
I have always answered to Your calling with hurry,
I have always known ahead of time You will be bread.
In Your corner I am good, in Your corner I found the way.

The passing of the seasons does not matter anymore,
The black is white, the right is wrong – fugitive power
In the hands of men – the earth spins, and turns frantically.
We have raised a world of golden towers with no doors.

You Who send rain over deserts, and troubled waters,
You Who touch everything with the fingers of mercy,
Send forth Your armies of angels to bury the hatchet,
And bring springtime in our fortress, and in our lens.

Bridge · Concrete · Love · Power


Unaware most of the time
that our words are acid rain
(forcing grass to grow under)
we look at each other
from the blind-spot.

Would it be hard to let go
of everything we assume,
and just breathe
like a whale gasping for air
after a long hunt?

Even magpies bury their dead,
but we are so paralyzed
by the feeling of being awesome
in the silence of our heart,
that we prefer darkness.

You, Who descended into hell,
You, Who are Eternal Life,
anchor our feet firmly to the ground,
and instill Your fire in our palms,
so that we may rise from ashes.

Bridge · Gale · Sky

Petty traders

We talk like petty traders
selling trinkets on the sidewalk.
There’s no light in our eyes,
not even a recall of the big dream.

We would abandon the ship
at the first sign of returning  winter,
should the frost kiss
the buds of our blooming fruit trees.

We don’t know that archangels
prevent most disasters,
except a couple of earthquakes
once in a lifetime,

which are meant to bring peace
closer to our heart –
that place we can’t find anymore,
unless our city falls into pieces

under the sky full of stars.

Romanian version

Blue · Bridge · Light · Loss · Sacred

Some wings

I need some wings, so I can find You,
for You are hiding in Your crests,
the coverage of clouds surrounds You,
the sweetest breeze of amber scent.

I need some solitude, to know You,
I need some solace, now and then,
there’s little time before the rainbow,
to bury new seeds in old plain.

Inside my seven towers fortress,
the archers watch the moonlit ways,
I roam the fields on every hour,
to catch Your merest orchid shade.

I gazed upon You in cold waters,
I sensed Your love in fingers’ trace,
my skin has shivered feeling vastness,
my ears have lost the sound of grace.

I need some wings so I can find You,
for You are near, in gentle days,
inside my head so many wonders,
inside my heart such fiery flames.

Romanian version

Bridge · Life · Love · Power


I believe we could say uncounted things
about the way lindens bloom in the morning,
but there is too much snow in our souls,
and the petal spread tires in death.

If you wish, I will turn your face towards the moon,
for she is the lady of violins,
and of mountains, and of our longing
drowned by horns, and by rail screeching.

You have nothing to hide, still you are silent in waiting,
you find yourself nowhere in this world,
except in a plot of land burnt by the sun,
except in an endless wheat field, caressed by wind.

Come home, the spring will be here soon,
the snowdrops will pop up in gardens,
swallows will roost under eaves one by one,
and all mysteries will grow wax wings.

Romanian version

Bridge · death · Faith · Kiss


I feel You dying in my chest,
as lively now as You were then,
as well a man as You are god,
embracing everything that breathes.

I feel You dying in my chest,
You are as radiant as ever,
enchained into an evil thought,
the ruler over land and water.

I feel You burning in my chest,
I hear Your calling in the dawn
to fire, You’ve such gentle voice;
it is so close, our embracement.

I feel You burning in my chest,
and You have gathered new brave people,
the flowers laughing in the gardens
alongside heroes will soon sleep.

Romanian version