Blue · Power · Wings

Blue rocks

I step on blue rocks, which make my valleys,
and mountain tops.
They are unclothed, everything is deep blue.

A few white clouds make no shadows
upon the light pale sky,
it rains with blue powder, as we await for You.

What we love most is hidden in the Earth’s heart,
and we cannot reach it anymore,
unless we bleed to death.

For only red has the power to wash away
this blue powder choking us,
thus we will turn into violet starlings,
and change the turning of the wold.

Blue · Bridge · Light · Loss · Sacred

Some wings

I need some wings, so I can find You,
for You are hiding in Your crests,
the coverage of clouds surrounds You,
the sweetest breeze of amber scent.

I need some solitude, to know You,
I need some solace, now and then,
there’s little time before the rainbow,
to bury new seeds in old plain.

Inside my seven towers fortress,
the archers watch the moonlit ways,
I roam the fields on every hour,
to catch Your merest orchid shade.

I gazed upon You in cold waters,
I sensed Your love in fingers’ trace,
my skin has shivered feeling vastness,
my ears have lost the sound of grace.

I need some wings so I can find You,
for You are near, in gentle days,
inside my head so many wonders,
inside my heart such fiery flames.

Romanian version

Blue · Concrete · Faith · Life · Love · Rain · Road · Wings


Maybe it’s another beginning,
maybe there are only the stars
telling us
that our love
will last forever.

Do not be afraid that I am slipping
through your fingers,
pretend you don’t know anything
and love me with your eyes closed,
in the sunrise hour.

I am the only one speaking,
I feel I don’t have enough time,
although this wonderful autumn
has just begun to down its leaves
on the warm sidewalks.

My beauty,
you will find me again soon,
in every steel bird
flying above your head,
I remained on this earth.

Romanian version

Blue · Faith · Life

Garden with ashes

I slit the earth with my long nails,
people call me crazy because I check every stone –
perhaps I will find You underneath, now or never.

My ears have gotten sharper since I’ve been listening
to every whisper, every leaf shiver –
perhaps I will hear You in it, now or never.

My eyes burn as though they are full of sand,
I look for You, I incessantly look for You in every water drop,
and You are there just for a second, then You hide.

My feet have grown weaker since I wander like this,
in Your pursuit, my soldiers  have perished one at a time,
and I’m left only with the hope
we will meet soon, in the garden with ashes.

Romanian version

Blue · Wide


Stranger I am.
A thought among the alders,
a valley clothed all in snow-drifts.

Like a deep longing, like a blue dreamer,
the son of a king sent off by the stars.

Stranger I am,
a chaffinch among thorns,
a lowland village scattered by the time.

A lightning-arch, so very long and reeling,
an ancient altar, overrun by grass.

Stranger I am,
if I were to be home,
what name would carry that soft-hearted land?

Always ascending I grew mute believing
that maybe among strangers is my land.

Potterers are the two of us,
you and I both loving
only the peace asleep in mysteries.

Romanian version

Blue · Faith


Right in the middle of the sentence
you get up and leave.
My words hang in the air,
like the perfume of sin.

You come back in the morning,
knowing I’ll be here
until the end,
until I can’t tell you from me.

Like a faithful wife
in your bed sheet,
tied to your bones,
wrapped in your dreams,

with no wedding vows,
with no wedding ring.

No, I can’t wait for you,
it seems I’ve outgrown fate,
I hear someone else’s calling,
time has shortened my wings.

You will never cry for me.

Romanian version