I come from the country of honey and wine,
My country has rainbows along every side.
I ponder at rivers, such passionate streams,
I feed upon forests, forever all green.

My country – white flowers that blossom in snow,
Imprisoned in teardrops, in hunger, and stone.
All crossroads have angels, all borders have swords,
My country was knelt down, but each time has rose.

I come from the country of sorrow, and smile,
My country – a sparrow, that bathes in the shine.
I stand in the forefront of one final dawn,
I feed upon faith in the kindness of All.

Andreea Sufaru (Gutu)
Bucharest, Romania


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Your thoughts in the poem make your country look all the more beautiful! I don’t write poems yet I appreciate them always. And we happen to share “JOY” in our blogs 🙂 my blog is named as ‘Breath of Joy’!


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  2. Hi, Andreea. I found your blog through paulydeathwish. Your poetry in English is so impressive. I have been to Romania once to Bucharest–during a trip to Eastern Europe with my grandfather. My family is in part from there. Wishing you well. If you like art, please stop by my blog. It is mostly focused on painting. -ks

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