Life · Power


Since there’s nothing left to say about us
I’ll slowly make my way towards the stars –
they’ve all turned black at once,
while the sun set in the sea from my palm.

My beloved, since words are never enough
to move the mountains from their rigor,
then I must take a deep breath,
and do all the necessary deeds.

I will kiss your inner eye until you can see,
I will press your palms against my chest,
so that you can feel my heartbeat.
You will never be alone in defeat.

We arise with power, we arise with speed,
because the weever fish has lost its patience,
and the call for arms is always ringing.
Be patient my love, we are winning.

Please take good care of our paper flower,
and tend to the roses, and tend to the moles,
there are no fences between us, just the shore –
my only wish is a cross of white round stones.

Romanian version


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