Blue · Bridge

Love me more

I know you can’t hear me,
for I am too close to your ear,
distance is a rainbow,
not an enemy.

I know you can’t see me,
for we walk hand in hand,
I will have to change the line,
and stretch the days for you.

Oh, I know you love me more,
but let me teach you the freedom
of sailing alone
like a leaf in the autumn wind,

caressed by the sun.

Romanian version


4 thoughts on “Love me more

  1. The power of the poem is in it’s simplicity. We can’t hear you, you are so close to my ear, indeed so true…we walk with our soul hand in hand but we can’t see it. That’s nature of spiritual freedom we all seek.

    Thanks for sharing a very profound thought.

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      1. Hi Andreea, I was going through my earlier post and I read your comment, it was so nice of you, somehow after that we have never interacted…
        Indeed we think alike and so much common things to discuss and share, looking forward to.
        take care!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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