Race · Rain · Road

You, my love

And you, my love, what are you doing on these paths?
The songs are mute, night has fallen over the hills,
you are looking for my hands, you are looking for my eyes
because you know that you can dive in them, and feel loved
just the way you are, thoughtful, and hungry; how long is the way…

Only you alone know your longing, your mission,
in your tireless climb you left pain behind,
you left behind your ancestor’s wounds, still you are afraid,
for the storm foreshadowing in the horizon
can crush you in its eternal embrace.

For you, my love, I would stop the flow of time,
because we have so much to do, so much to talk about,
come, rest your head on my shoulder, and sleep, sleep;
if you want, we will make love one more time,
like there’s no one else on this earth, just the two of us,
and a very blue thought, my sweet solitary eyes…

Romanian version


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