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Like water

So what if all the roads are blocked,
I will make my way like water among rocks,
I will chisel them one at a time,
until they will bow to our will.

There was no way I knew you earlier,
your flag was already fixed on the redoubt,
but I stayed by your side for a while,
because your eyes stopped me.

I think this is how it was written for us, my love,
to surround you with grass, with moonlit night,
with sunny mornings, with mountain dew,
with bell’s toll, and incense clouds.

Like it had always been that way,
I woke up with you on my soul’s doorstep,
you were waiting for me in absolute silence,
which I haven’t yet understood completely.

I love you, I love you, I love you, such madness,
although there is a copper wall in front of me,
my horizon shivers at this mystery,
of this blue greatness crushing me!

I will plunge because I cannot fly,
I will crush the mountains with my fingers, I will dig,
I will tailor, I will push through, because nobody
can stop me from reaching out to you.

I’ve waited a thousand years for this encounter,
the sun has whitened, and caressed my hair,
for you I am more beautiful than ever,
springtime is almost here, my joy…

Romanian version


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