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Green spring

To Victor

I am the green spring, born in the mountain top,
in the doina’s* thick shadow, from silent depths.
I am the green spring of grey-haired dreams,
walking slowly, secretly, among hedgehogs and roes.

We have so many longings crossing the air,
we have so many dreams looking for their beginning.
You are the green spring, born right out of the asphalt
so burnt by the sun of the hermit thought.

You are the green spring of the austere braiding
between arid and tender, of our everlastingness.
We are together from the dawn of centuries,
a hand of light caressing the lakes.

Blue, more blue, so much joy
giving wings to soldiers fighting for their land.
The two of us – the green spring of rich autumns,
wearing the same coat, of lives bathed in fire.

Romanian version

* The Doina (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈdojna]) is a Romanian musical tune style, possibly with Middle Eastern roots, customary in Romanian peasant music, as well as in Lăutărească. It was also adopted into Klezmer music. Similar tunes are found throughout Eastern Europe and the Balkans.


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