Concrete · Still


When I say I love you
you shake your head in approval.
When you put your arms around me,
and tell me I adore you,
I know it isn’t true.

I look at you in the midday sun,
and your face is covered in light.
Is this love?  I ask myself.
You take it for granted,
but tomorrow is a different day.

Yes, we made love every night,
we sank in each other’s body,
afraid to live our own lives,
trying not to hate one another
for our past mistakes.

We say I love you
like we throw stones in the river.
We skipped the beginning,
and jumped right in the middle,
looking for the easy way out.

Love is not a mirror
reflecting our own distorted image,
love is not a most wanted prize,
not an institution.
Love is a birth taking place.

Romanian version


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