Life · Still

Accidental dreamer

Accidental dreamer,
I couldn’t stop the hands of time.
I wish I held you close
when we were young,
I wish I had the patience.

Oh, there’s nothing wrong with me,
just too much heart,
where there should be reason,
but who can judge a man
by its deeds, when silence has a meaning?

I look at strangers on the street,
sometimes it all seems clear,
all of a sudden,
there is nothing to be seen,
other than sunlight.

Everything is connected
to everything,
everything is aging in a beautiful way,
lest we forget our reason to be,
lest we forget to flow like water.

I will never stop dreaming of you,
I will always love you,
even if we never meet,
I will love you in between
snowdrops and dry leaves.
Ever after, ever after.

Romanian version


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