Bridge · Haiku · Still


I believe all regrets
turn into pine cones,
from which forests arise singing.

I believe all regrets push us
to lengthen the silence of the hour,
where all things lay in us, unasked.

I believe absolutely all regrets
take us to another beginning, of doina*
we can’t say anything about,

other than the fact that at the end, uprooted by water
the sallow limbers sweetly
in the light of sun setting.

It’s as if autumn came all of a sudden,
for the fir trees are adorned with fog,
and the semantron** rhythmically calls us to mystery.

It’s as if morning came all of a sudden,
the birds bicker on branches,
hiding from hawks.

Especially when they come unexpectedly,
hungry and born out of freedom,
regrets take wings for life.

Romanian version


* The Doina (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈdojna]) is a Romanian musical tune style, possibly with Middle Eastern roots, customary in Romanian peasant music, as well as in Lăutărească. It was also adopted into Klezmer music. Similar tunes are found throughout Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

** The semantron or semandron (Greek: σήμαντρον), or semanterion (σημαντήριον), also called a xylon (ξύλον) (Romanian: toacă) is a percussion instrument used in monasteries to summon the monastics to prayer or at the start of a procession.


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