Faith · Life


It should be snowing
on my houses’ rooftops.
It is winter, or at least this is what
the calendar on the table shows.
Still the weather outside
announces Resurrection instead of Birth.

I didn’t even miss you.
It’s been almost one year
since we last saw each other,
and everything stayed the same,
the same gestures, the same look.
Time only thickens the roots.

Around you I always knew
that loving is equal to breathing,
in your warm voice,
in the hollow of your hand
all the mysteries gather
and make the stars shine
on the December sky.

Words wrap us in noise,
while my heart beats in whisper,
as it was ready
for this unexpected meeting.
What is there to say,
what is there to decipher?
Everything is as it can be seen.

Yes, over the fir forests
snow will come,
wind and hailstorms,
over the fir forests
drought will come
and dawn will melt,
but love shall never fail.

Romanian version


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