Blue · Gale · Road

Imitation of life

An imitation of life, an imitation of destiny,
riding on the highways with a hundred miles per hour
what would you expect to see? You have an angel
right behind, your heart still carries mystery.

Yet, this is a pale imitation of life,
because all the trees are dyed in green,
all the flowers are canned, everything is clean,
and incense clouds no longer scent the temple.

Apparently there’s no way of knowing that’s not all,
since we’re changing at the speed of light
every key and every meaning, shining suites,
shining cases, in a monochrome world – citizen.

You don’t believe in miracles anymore,
faith is an abandoned port, all the boats are gone,
except for one silent dove – never-ending hope.
Expect the unexpected, love, soon you will be reborn.

Romanian version


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