Faith · Gale · Kiss · Life · Loss · Love · Power


I leaned over to kiss you
and you were no longer here.
We had just met,
we had just gotten closer,
although we were
never strangers.

I leaned over to take
your grim and pained face
in my warm palms,
and to run my fingers through your hair,
but everything was already in past tense,
you were gone, and I – someone else.

I was yours for some days,
and you were mine for all your life,
except this all suddenly fell apart,
right in the moment I got used
to your smile, which opened our hearts
for another new wound.

This turn it was I the dagger.

Our movements are like snowflakes,
our movements are like whispers,
we learned long ago to give it all at once,
you don’t regret anything, I don’t regret anything
from what we wrote with a golden nib
in the flesh of our bodies.

Romanian version


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