Blue · Bridge · Wings


I must have had wings once
For I so strongly wish to fly,
I must have had blood once
Of precious burning gold.

Nothing can quench my longing
From everything surrounding me,
I cannot say and I can’t cry,
My path’s not straight, I have great land.

You gifted me with many seeds,
I sowed them now,
Before departing,
And burgeons of acacia rose.

The sweetest echo pushes me
To leave behind my heavy mantle,
To change it with a peacock feather,
And with a singing chicory.

Your message reaches me through signs,
Always mysterious, and I quiver,
Oh, how quickly flies this time
And Your Son, He is so gentle.

But if today’s evening falls
Once again into my home,
And nobody knows the hour
Of Your coming in deep night,

Please come sooner, oh, Begotten,
I’ve been waiting for so long.
Yes, I must have had wings once
For I’m going back to dust…

Romanian version



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