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A mercy of peace*

A mercy of peace leads me towards You;
the silence so soft and tender like the first snowflakes
has fallen upon our hearts and shoulders,
nothing is greater than this solitude,
than this solitude spreading its wings
unto Heaven.

Oh Holy, Holy, Holy, Beloved,
we climb the stairs together,
although my eyes have the color of a lonely blackbird.
A sad hymn reminds me of an eternity awaiting.
I wish to be released from this eternal winter,
so that I may embrace Thee and Thy Miracle.

Oh Holy, Holy, Holy, Beloved,
the sacrifice we have to make
to keep You alive in this dark forest,
where love is forever hidden
and all the roads belong to reason,
except for the one covered in splinters.

My heart has found You,
still my thoughts are like papers in the wind,
Your silence is the only answer to my prayer,
though I never knew what to say to You,
and a mercy of peace drawing me closer to You,
in the sacred space where all is blue and yellow.

This poem was inspired by the song
A mercy of peace – Valaam Brotherhood Choir


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