Bridge · Faith · Road · Sacred

The new song

You are like the water,
You whisper softly to my ear
songs of everlasting happiness,
odes to purity.

You have given me words
to raise towers higher
than any tower
anyone has ever imagined before,
for my heart to believe,
for the one I love.

You have shown me the path of old,
the long one, the narrow,
and clouds surround me
more often than not.

I might lose my faith
from time to time,
I might lose my hope.
Carry me upon Your shoulders,
help me go on.

I stopped dreaming long ago,
give me my memories back,
give me back my song.
And above all
do not let me go.

I will hold on to Your mantle.
I will follow You, on and on.
Oh, the winter is cold.
Springtime – unsure.

Whether You will wait for me
on the other side or not,
nobody can rip this thought
from my soul.

You are ever watching on us
from above. This is not the end.
This is only a door.
Trees, and birds
along each highway of gold.


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