Love · Power · Rain · Road · Sacred

Spiral 19

One thousand ways to say I love you

127: I am like a willow watered
by a powerful spring – thee.

128: And I love you. Forever and ever,
I build houses, bridges, awaiting thy presence.
You gift every planet with moons and with parallel rings.

129: I’m below, here, in echoes –
the fires are fading, come peace.

130: Love and power. A sweet, and a sour apposition.
I’m expecting the voice of the seas.

131: In my heart there is only your silence.
No traces of winter, begotten. The state – unity.

132: If the stages of space and of time are prepared,
let’s commence. We have people awaiting for wings to growing in.

133: It’s a hard road ahead, and I feel it.
Still, the power arises in me, I could sail every beckoning sea just for thee.


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