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Sleepless ones*

The sleepless ones magnify Thee
no more,
they are wearing silence clothes.

Where there was once power
stones alone
remind us of the heavenly hymns.

Yet the walls sing of You
when the moon
softly bathes them in rays.

Not a single candle burns today,
only stars light
the Mass in the roofless cathedral.

The sleepless ones magnify Thee
in the land of unbroken promises.

sleepless ones * = monks from the Akoimati order. One of them was always in prayer, in the church of the Monastery of Saint John the Forerunner – Istanbul.

Romanian version

White · Wings

Stork eggs

I looked for You
because no candle can burn
upside down.

I am more serious than death
most of the time,
although I hide behind a smile.

Preachers come and go
from this land,
but You are never silent.

I  take cover in cricket’s song,
in the valley of chestnuts
whenever night falls suddenly,

yet since You hatch eggs
in stork nests,
I don’t mind the bad weather.

Do not fret, heart of mine,
minsters shine in the distance.

Romanian version

death · Faith · Sky

Wooden bell

The wooden bell is only a shadow,
a prophecy of spring.
It takes fire, and heartache
to make a bell sing.

Beyond the foundations of time
lays the plain of sweet seeds,
where Your thoughts come to life
in butterfly shape.

Alas, we wander the earth
looking for a sign from You,
while You arise in silence
solid stars on our path.

In the scent of linden flowers
You visit us most often,
though You make no efforts
to stop us from falling.

How often have we asked You
the same green question:
Why do cheerily robins choke
in the hawk’s tight embrace?

Romanian version

Gale · Loss · Love


Ceasefire, says the Master.
I will not let go
of my little dream,
speaks the hunter in the wind.

If you stop and follow me,
I will set you free,
breathes the Master quietly.
I will not let go of me,
roars the hunter in the sea.

Oh, how sweet this life can be,
all the trees are filled with Thee,
weeps the mother, tenderly.
Hunters hunt the vanishing,
mothers bear the bitter seed,
sings the robin in the spring.

Romanian version

Faith · Sky

Before the stars

What was there
before You made the stars?
What sang
and filled the skies?

I am full of questions,
in the center of Your universe –
here I stand, and there is no room
left for density.

What was it between me and You
before I opened my eyes?
What seed will grow of me
on my depart?

I am full of thoughts
like a haunted house,
morning light only shows me
how far I am from the top.

What’s a sunken ship
in the hands of sand,
when the night will cover it
by a thousand stars?

Romanian version

Haiku · Life · Still

The Elephant

to Savatie Bastovoi

I saw an elephant swimming
for the first time,
and suddenly
all miracles seemed possible.

I have been away from You
abruptly – most of my lives,
yet the sun kept on shining
in expectation.

I hear these words
in a language I don’t understand,
yet I presume they speak
of the sunset’s sweetness.

The strain finds no asylum
in my shoulders,
while the stillness of the ocean
veils my salmons in abyssal plains.

I saw an elephant swimming
for the first time,
and all miracles seemed possible,
for the Elephant belongs to You.

Romanian version

Faith · Road · Sacred · Wide

Pax Augusta

Peace is everywhere.
You are not silence,
You speak in signs,
You speak in sensations of word –
unvoiced whisper vanishing
like dew touched by scorching sun.

Peace is everywhere
yet we can’t grasp Her.
Amateurs on the land of dreams,
we are content with golden statues,
we are content with a stone fortress
safeguarded by raven-sentinels.

We are one with the flesh,
we are one with the Red Sea crossing
from estrangement to freedom.
We can move the mountains
now or never because
Peace reigns in every direction.

Romanian version